Magdalena is inspired by a combination of recreating a taste from her native Poland and a passion for creative cooking.

We prepare all of our vegetables, meats, soups, and baked goods daily – from scratch. Each éntree is made to order with special care and a personal touch. We craft each crepe delicately so that each taste as wonderful as they look.

We are proud to serve local foods and support local businesses when their products are available. We happily use local organic flours from Fairhaven Flour Mill – all breakfast and savory crepes are made with whole wheat flour, while our baked and sweet crepes are made with white flour. Gluten-free crepes made with buckwheat flour are also available on request. All of our sandwiches are served on hand-formed artisan Breadfarm bread and our wonderful smoked salmon is provided courtesy of family owned and operated Vis Seafoods.

We are very proud to serve Stumptown coffee. Stumptown Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roaster based in Portland, Oregon. Stumptown is a “green” coffee buyer whose partners harvest coffee berries using sustainable practices. They’ve revolutionized the coffee business with their business practices and standards of quality and are leading the so-called “Third Wave” of the coffee movement.

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